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>>> NO REFUND POLICY:  Please make sure you understand that I do not offer any refunds. After making this purchase you get immediate access to tools, videos, education, and me personally that transfers to you 20+ years of Wall Street experience at the highest level. Education and a learned skill is extraordinarily powerful and cannot be taken back. So, if you don't want to learn how the Top Billionaires gain their advantage or how to find the best options trade ideas, then please do not sign up.

I am so confident in my ability to help you achieve your long term goals that I am willing to make you an incredible Satisfaction Guarantee. For Annual Members Only, I guarantee to deliver you 50 trades over the course of your 1 year membership that reach triple-digit positive returns (greater or equal to 100%) from my published trade price. If I don't reach 50 trades then you can simply email me and I will give you the next year for free. It's that simple! The Satisfaction Guarantee can only be used one-time per person.

Note: Almost all trades are given prior to the Market open to give everyone the same starting point. The trade is considered active if the option price opens within 15% of the previous closing price, or once it comes back into that range (Example: The $1.00 Trade Idea price is "active" if the opening price is less than or equal to $1.15). If the option opens more than 15% below the given options price, then an adjustment lower will be made to the opening price. The results will be tracked on the Weekly Results page.
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"I have spent the last several years researching and trying different options strategies. I've digested hundreds of hours of online content, spent a bunch of money on options education, and was sure that "selling premium" was the way to use options. However, every time I would start to get ahead in my account, I would have a trade that would come along and wipe out months of profits. I thought the problem was in how I was managing the trades, but now I can see that it isn't really that smart to risk $500 to make $25 unless the odds are extremely in my favor. After I listened to your presentation, I was intrigued. You seemed like a down-to-earth guy that wasn't full of hype, but I was getting a little tired of trying different systems only to be disappointed. Thanks to your encouragement, I took a small position in the LEG trade you talked about. I averaged in as you suggested and took profits as it moved, ending up with a 70% profit. That one trade netted me enough to pay for six months of your service. This was less than a week ago. Since then, I was able to use the option chain at Optionsgeek.com on another idea that I had been researching. It gave me the confidence to make these trades: Over $7,000 profit on a $1,200 investment, in one week!"

Lem G.
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"OMG Felix just made me $5K in 5 days, with a ten bagger on an OTM options call!!! Well, that pays for my subscription for a long, long ,long time. And that’s not the only trade that has exploded to the upside. Sure he has the some losers , but as far as I’m concerned, he is either magic, psychic, or insider trading… (Ha ha, not really….) But he does seem to pick up on subtle clues from the far and wide corners of the market— unusual activity, strange chart patterns, trends that other people haven’t spotted yet."

Kathy C.
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